Abbott & Taylor Concierge Services


Here at Abbott & Taylor Concierge Services we are pleased to provide high quality personal and business services to our clients.  Our passion is to assist busy individuals and organizations with lifestyle management in the form of providing the gift of time and convenience in today’s fast paced world.  We offer a selection of services to fit your life: event planning, decorating and organizing, shopping services, freight forwarding services, executive support service, domestic service, and more.  Use the tabs above to check out our staff and services. -- Debbie and Juliet

Mark of Distinction!

What distinguishes Abbott & Taylor Concierge Services in the marketplace is our policy; that no job is too small or too big. Whether it’s coming into your home to create that romantic dinner for two or managing the details associated with that next big project.  We handle the details of those special occasions within our client’s lives by taking the stress out of planning and organizing that special event, giving our clients the time and freedom to embrace the joys of life with the people that really matter to them most.  We take on the tasks that our clients are too busy or have no desire to handle themselves as long as it is legal, ethical, and morally appropriate. Our team’s knowledge and expertise assists clients in achieving their overall goals and objectives. Even though we are not nannies or housekeepers, we can help our clients locate these services and more.